Andrew James Juicer Review

We all strive to be more health conscious in our lives, but this can be a very time consuming task. A juicer is a great way to make getting your daily nutrients simple and enjoyable.

Andrew James Professional 850W Whole Fruit Power JuicerThe Andrew James Professional 850W Whole Fruit Power Juicer (VIEW PRICE HERE!) comes in a modern, stylish black and silver colour combination, and makes it easy to stay on top of your healthy living goals. Making sure you are getting the vitamins you need no longer has to be a tiresome and daunting chore.

Adept at handling fruits and vegetables alike, this gadget is stress free and fun from start to finish. You’ll never have to worry about keeping your juice options interesting again. There are endless combinations to create, and this is the perfect tool for handling them all. It includes a 2 year warranty, and has a compact design which will take up less space in your kitchen than other, similar products.

Let us take a look at what other great functions this product has to offer:

  • This juicer has a large feed chute (7.5cm), suitable for whole fruits- no pre-dicing necessary.
  • The product has an efficient yet quiet motor, unlike many other noisy juicers on the market.
  • This mechanism has been designed with easy dismantling in mind, enabling a virtually hassle-free cleaning process and simple re-assembling. This makes it easy to do a quick wash before enjoying your juice, lessening stress.
  • The juicer comes with a juice catching jug, and cleaning brush; no need to purchase extra parts!
  • Will yield up to 30% more juice than other products on the market, without leaving pulp or bits of fruit in the juice.
  • The kitchen gadget can handle a variety of consistencies in fruit and vegetables, and has 2 separate, yet simple, power settings for either hard or soft fruit. Adjust to the appropriate option for your specific needs.
  • In addition, the juicer comes with an auto shutdown safety feature, so you can worry less and rest a little easier.

The Andrew James Professional 850W Whole Fruit Power Juicer is an all around great product. Need to detox your body or have weight loss goals you’re working on? You’ll be more than glad you bought this.  It includes all of the necessary implements for a fantastic juicing experience, without the hassle. While other juicers include only the blending mechanism, this one comes with everything you need for both enjoying the juice (a built in cup) and cleaning up (scrub brush).

You’ll no longer have to feel as though you’re wasting a huge percentage of the food you juice, because it is designed to get the most out of the pulp of each fruit or vegetable, while leaving behind little to no residue in the juice. Not everyone enjoys pulp in their beverages, so this is good news. While other juicers need to be held in place while being used, this one comes equipped with suction cups for stability, a truly unique and notable feature.