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breville blend-active vs nutribulletThe Blend-Active from Breville (VIEW PRICE HERE!), is not quite a blender and not really a juicer. A mini blender is what they are referred to but this is more of a blend-and-go. As suggested in the name, its target market is those who are active and on the go! It comes with drinking flasks which are slim and meant for the side of gym bags.

The NutriBullet (VIEW PRICE HERE!) also isn’t quite a blender and I wouldn’t even put it in the same category as a mini blender. It is in between the two. Its small and compact and comes with flask attachments to blend and go. It is also very powerful.

So back to the original question, which is better? I am sorry to say there is no right answer to this, it would come down to your needs.

Differences Between The Breville Blend-Active & The NutriBullet.

I am going to review and compare the two mini blenders based on two main criteria; power and ease of use. These, I believe, are the most important when looking for a mini blender.


The Power!

breville vbl062 blend active reviewOne of the most important factors to consider when buying a blender!

Breville Blend-Active Personal Blender Family Pack White And Green

The Blend-Active has a 300 watt engine. Not quite as powerful as the 600 watts boasted by Nutribullet but Thr Blend-Active is still strong enough to crush ginger, ice and coffee beans down really fine.

The NutriBullet

The NutriBullet is more powerful than the Blend-Active, not only crushing ice, ginger and coffee beans too but doing it in half the time!

To Summarise.

Both machines have power. There is no doubting this. The NutriBullet does have a lot more power as the numbers speak for themselves. In my opinion, for the difference in cost the Blend-Active can do everything the NutriBullet can, albeit abit slower. The difference in cost between the two is also quite considerate. If it is sheer power you are after then without a doubt The NutriBullet is what you are looking for. If you are after a nice affordable, yet still quite a powerful mini blender then the Blend-Active is a great buy!


Ease Of Use


Very easy to use. Just throw your ingredients and blitz until you have a smooth liquid. The bottle goes with you in your gym bag and when you come home at the end of the day, put the bottle in the dishwasher and blitz yourself another smoothie with the other bottle. Rinse and repeat. (literally!)

The NutriBulletnutribullet review comparison

Very similar to the Blend-Active, the NutriBullet is also dishwasher safe and you can blend right into the travel mug.




To Summarise.

Both machines are equal here. Both easy to clean and offer travel bottles you can blend right into. Both blenders are made with the intention of being as convenient as possible.


The Verdict.

Both blenders are very good and have their own strengths. If you are an active person on the healthy eating then the Blend-Active is the best blender for you, it is at a lower price point than the Nutri Bullet and still a very good machine!

If you require a lot more power and speed, and of course you have the extra finance available; then The Nutri Bullet is a lot more powerful, it has been around longer, will stand the test of time and it is definitely a better buy!

The Nutribullet also feels a lot more robust and a higher quality build.





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