Whisking recipes by hand can be tiring, and although a fork is enough for some occasions, a bit more help is needed for other dishes. Whether you are someone who is new to the world of baking and whisking, or a seasoned pro, machinery in the kitchen can reduce stress all around.

Cooks Professional Classic Stylish 800W Stand Mixer with 4.5 Litre Mixing BowlEveryone wants to make sure they are getting their money’s worth when making choices on such purchases. There are a vast variety of products for the specific purpose of mixing on the market, including the Cooks Professional Classic Stylish 1300W Stand Mixer (VIEW PRICE HERE!). Let’s look at some of this device’s features and see if it stands up to the market’s competition:

  • The device comes with multiple attachments, including a beater, whisk, and dough utensil. This variety of choices will set you at ease if you’re a person who likes to experiment with different types of meals. Instead of needing 3 or 4 different devices for your cooking or baking needs, this machine has it all in one. This minimalist approach is something that could be helpful to those of us without unlimited space in our kitchens.
  • The Classic Stylish Mixer comes with 6 different settings, but does not seem as able to handle long periods of mixing time, even on a low setting. I found it best to only mix in intervals of one minute or so at a time, rather than for multiple minutes at a time consecutively. This was a bit of an inconvenience, as there exist other products that could withstand much longer mixing periods. If you’re a person of patience, this could work for you, but not everyone enjoys the idea of having to wait in between, especially with a hungry family on a time schedule to cook for.
    • The 4.5 litre bowl on this appliance is an undeniably great and convenient size compared to other models. If you’re making a large amount of something, there’s no need to prepare the portions separately, as they can all fit into the mixer at once, reducing preparation time and hassle.
    • This device comes with a tilting head for simple removal of the mixing bowl. I found this both simple and helpful.
    • The Cooks Professional Classic Stylish mixer comes with an 1300W motor, which sounds great in writing, but when it came time to put the product to the test, it didn’t seem as powerful as I was expecting.
    • This kitchen appliance comes with a two year warranty.
    • One thing I noticed was that this product is quite noisy. I have used other mixers that were not nearly as loud as this one. Some could see this as a downside.