Hurom HH-WBG06 Slow Juicer Review



Hurom are specialists in juice-making appliances, it’s their signature. Their Slow Juicer HH Series is a demonstration of the rapid evolution of the Hurom Juicing series and has won the Red Dot Design Award inner 2013.

We’ve tried and tested this blender in attempt to learnt it’s functionality inside and out. Read on to find out about the pros, cons, and our recommendation.


  • Slow Squeezing Technology: The Slow Squeezing Technology used by the HH-WBG06 produces more juice than ever before. It can work perfectly with hard and soft fruits and vegetables, even leafy greens. That’s a new one, blending kale has always been a massive problem! This feature can prove to be very beneficial as you know you’re going to get a smooth, light juice in your glass when done -all without having to add any extra gadgets to the juicer!
  • Small Footprint: With our planet in a critical environmental state, we can all smile to know that this juicer is kind to the Earth. It has a small carbon footprint, so enjoy your juice with the knowledge that you aren’t harming the planet. Many juicers on the market can’t boast this; they simply consume far too much power over a longer timespan, they just aren’t what we need in 2019.
  • Easy Assembly: The juicer comes apart easily so it won’t take up space on the counter top. The parts can then be thoroughly cleaned, dried and re-assembled for future use. We love how simple it is to maintain the state of this juicer- many of us can be easily put off when we realise it takes too much time and effort to maintain.
  • Easy to clean and store: The biggest dread of every juice-machine user is having to clean up the mess! Our top tip for handling the remains of produce is, if using vegetables, simply gather the mushy solid leftovers, and turn them into veggie patties. It’s a healthy way to ensure you don’t waste any ingredients. Clean-up is easy with this juicer, if you want to keep using it but need to give it a rinse in-between juicing different ingredients, simply pour water through the machine whilst it is running as normal and close the juice cap. The water will flush out most of the remaining pulp and juice.
  • Whisper-quiet: Traditional juicers as well as many new ones on the market still seem to annoy everyone with their obnoxiously loud motors. This one has been enhanced by Hurom to create a near-silent buzz, which is phenomenal for a juicer! They’re one of the noisiest machines around, so Hurom have definitely outshone other juicers with this characteristic. Not only will this be beneficial for you ears, it also signifies excellent energy efficiency: more power consumed is used on the actual blending rather than the noise from the buzzer.
  • Safe: The HH-WBG06 includes an auto safety sensor just to make sure you’re covered when using the machine. After handling many blenders in the past, this one surely does stand out due to this excellent safety measure, so rest assured- you’re protected.
  • Larger Juice Bowl: Hurom have been generous by incorporating a large 500ml juice bowl with incremental scalings in millilitres and fluid ounce along the sides. This can be beneficial for a number of reasons -you could use it to measure ingredients before juicing and also to separate quantities when finally juiced. We use the juice bowl for all things including juicing, actually…it is very versatile!
  • The “Juice Cap”: The Juicer is fitted with an innovative silicone ‘Juice Cap’ which allows the liquid to be retained inside the machine until it is ready to be dispensed. This gives you time to get a glass or container to store your juice. With double functionality as a non-drip spout, you can be assured that none of your juice will drip onto the counter and cause a mess while plugged. The juice cap is actually the most versatile feature in this appliance, as it allows you to measure the amount of juice inside the machine before you release it. In addition, the juice cap allows for the processing of raw milks where other natural ingredients can be combined with the milk inside the juicer.

Machine Specifics

Capacity: 0.5 Litres

Dimensions: 23.7 x 16.7 x 39.8 cm

Weight: 6.1 Kg

Wattage: 150 W

Voltage: 230 V

Warranty: A 2 year warranty on the parts and a 10 year warranty on the motor.

Cleaning Parts: All cleaning tools required are included with the product- two cleaning brushes with one having a handy, detachable smaller brush to get into nooks and crannies. A drying stand is included to keep everything neat and tidy, way to go Hurom!

Critical Review: The Downsides

Despite being an innovative, feature-rich and easy to manage appliance, there are some features which should be noted when making a purchase. Firstly, there is no Auto shut-off feature, so you’ll simply have to stay with the blender while it’s doing it’s job. This is’t too big of an issue, as it’s always a good idea to stand nearby and ensure the juice is coming out correctly and nothing’s getting stuck. Secondly, this juicer is made of plastic, which we are all aware isn’t the most environmental-friendly choice for making a product. Lastly, the HH-WBG06 is a heavy-duty machine indeed- it can be heavy and not very portable, but the upside to this is that, despite it’s size, it’s near silent and does not produce a loud racket.

Our Recommendation

We absolutely love this juicer, it can produce delicious smooth blends so quickly, and rarely ever has mechanical issues. You needn’t worry about any parts breaking any time soon, because the build quality of this blender is fantastic. It’s incredibly easy to clean and reuse unlike most juicers, so this is one of it’s winning features. The only downside we consider about it is the fact that it’s made of plastic, but we would definitely recommend it to someone who is trying to incorporate a healthy lifestyle change without too much hassle in their lives.

HUROM HH-WBG06 Slow Juicer, 0.5 Litre, 150 W, White
  • Hurom's patented Slow Squeezing Technology minimizes damage to ingredients by squeezing them slowly with 80rpm, preserving the natural taste and nutrients.
  • The juice cap makes it easy to mix an assortment of ingredients in the chamber and to pour dripfree directly into the glass.
  • Designed for home use, the low rotating condenser motor creates little noise and vibration so you can use your juice at any time without disturbing those around you.
  • The package contains a fine (juice) and coarse (smoothie) strainer, cleaning brushes, manual and recipe book in English.
  • 100% BPAFREE for food contacting part , No Noise only 40dB, Electric Energy Consumption 150W!