The KitchenAid Artisan Blender: Review 2018-19



Global health awareness has shot up rapidly over the course of the past few years, and KitchenAid haven’t delayed in jumping onto the health wagon to make some impressive new appliances for this new movement; like the Artisan Blender we’ll review today.

Having bought it off of Amazon a few months ago, we weren’t disappointed with our purchase for a second. A lot blenders often have a difficulty in processing tough ingredients with little water content, but this blender manages the job perfectly fine!

Our favourite features of this appliance are: the strength and ability of the powerful blender, the range of colours it can purchased in, as well as the sleek appearance. Though these aren’t it’s selling points, they are what made my experience with this product memorable for us.


  • 4 Pre-set Blending Speeds: There are four pre-set “Adapti-blend” options which allow you to select what you’re making, and it will alter the blending process to best suit the food/drink selected. For example, you can select the soup icon, and the machine will switch up the blending speed/pattern to make sure you get the best consistency for your soup. Making a soup with the pre-set option on the dial made it taste as though it had been simmering for hours! In reality, it had taken me under 15 minutes. A great way to impress your guests when running short on time.
  • A Dial with 11 Power Settings: With a large, sleek dial placed on the front side of the blender, 11 different blending speeds can be chosen from to allow greatest precision possible. Our recommendation is to use the highest setting with solid frozen fruit for that instagram-worthy ice-cream textured smoothie bowl. For a smoothie soup, low speed blending with fresh ingredients works best. This blender is able to accommodate ingredients for almost any dish/beverage, making it a valuable feature of this appliance.
  • A Pulse-blending option: Suppose you don’t want a consistent blend, you can turn on the pulse setting so the machine will blend for regular time intervals. This is a handy feature for soups where tough ingredients like carrots are used. It can be a beneficial feature when some recipes call for adding ingredients while you blend, making our next point, the removable stopper a very handy characteristic.
  • Removable Stopper/Secret Measuring Cup! The stopper on the top of the blender doubles up as a 60ml Measuring Cup! Fancy. A great way to utilise this is when adding boosters or protein powders to shakes. In addition, it can even make your life easier when cooking or baking.
  • Large variety of Colours: This machine, unlike a lot of blenders on the market, is available in 8 colours. Having a broad choice of colours is always a fun feature, and definitely gives us room for personalisation. Our favourite is Cast Iron Black; it looks so classy sitting on the kitchen counter.
  • Powerful 3.5 Peak HP Motor: As I mentioned before, the blender is able to accommodate even the toughest and largest of ingredients, as this high-powered blender can smother your goods to smithereens. The efficiency rating for this machine isn’t as bad as any other high-powered blender would be either, meaning more power consumed is being used in blending, and less wasted on noise or vibrating. The motor definitely makes this blender a money-friendly and kind appliance.
  • Dual-Wall Crystal-clear Temperature Control Jug: As this blender can blend scorching-hot soups as well as frozen fruit, the actual jug is versatile. It is dual-walled, enabling it to trap heat for making soups, or chill for making ice creams. It can ensure the temperature of your dish remains at the temperature you need it to be at. As the body is crystal-clear, it allows you to determine the consistency during blending.
  • Scaled Markings: The blender jug is marked clearly and conveniently with the relevant capacities to ensure you are making the right amounts.
  • Ergonomic Handle grip: The Artisan Blender has a ribbed grip on the handle making it a pleasure to hold, and less prone to burns when dealing with hot ingredients.


Machine Specifics

Working capacity: 1.6 Litres

Dimensions (WHD): 27 x 45 x 23 cm

Warranty/Guarantee: 10 year Guarantee by KitchenAid

Removable Parts: All parts are dishwasher safe.

Critical Review

Although this is an impressive blender, there is one feature which other blenders have but this doesn’t, and if it were present, this blender would be perfect. There is no auto shut-off feature, so you need to stand by the blender and wait until it’s done. This can be troublesome for people who have other tasks to do in the kitchen, or need to get ready for gym/work during the process.

Some reviewers online have complained that the stopper gets jammed when they blend large capacities of liquid, so bear this is in mind when making hot products. You want to avoid scalds just in case you experience this problem!



The Final Verdict

This machine has definitely not instilled any regrets in our mind. Being used up to 6-7 times weekly, we’ve never had to contact KitchenAid to report a problem. One thing to note when making this purchase is that, if you’re always in a rush, the blender parts can take a while to clean manually, so just use your dishwasher. This issue isn’t exclusive to the Artisan Plus- many blenders are like this. If you’re in a hurry, this one is definitely a good choice, just hold off cleaning it until you have free time!

KitchenAid Artisan Power Blender Plus Cast Iron Black
  • Four pre-set Adapti-blend programs plus precision power dial
  • Powerful 3.5 peak HP motor
  • Dual wall Tritan jug