Morphy Richards Easy Blend Deluxe Review

Morphy Richards 403021 Easy Blend DeluxeThere are countless numbers of recipes to make or dishes to invent in your kitchen, requiring lots of different implements. What I look for when shopping for kitchen appliances is a machine that can provide multiple functions in one, so I don’t have to constantly be digging through my cupboards searching for what I’m looking for, or worry about running out of the limited space I have in my kitchen.

I want something that is compact, yet capable of handling many different tasks. I heard about the Morphy Richards 403021 Easy Blend Deluxe (lowest price here!), and it sounded like one of those multi-function machines that could fit my needs. Let’s go over some of the blending machine’s abilities and see:

  • 28oz blending container – Ideal for mixing up smoothies or shakes to share with family or friends, instead of only single servings at a time which can be a hassle no one needs.
  • Not only are thicker beverages possible with this machine, it also has the ability to make purely liquid beverages. Micromesh filter enables you to enjoy juice as well. Instead of putting away your blender and searching for your juicer, this machine can do both.
  • Ice crushing blade effectively smashes even hard, frozen particles into smooth, enjoyable beverages. No more unwanted chunks in your drink.
  • This blender comes with a flat blade, which is ideal for many things, not just smoothies. You can use this for crushing herbs, spices, or even coffee. Use it to make dips or sauces, there really is no limit.
  • Comes with a very convenient drinking lid, meaning you can prepare your smoothie, detach the cup from the base of the machine and go about your busy day.
  • This machine can be used for making soup, not just cold items. It also comes with 2 separate speeds to fit your unique blending needs.
  • It comes with a lot of implements, which can take a bit of time to get used to, but you’ll see that they are all quite useful and you’ll be glad you have them. You can choose between a small serving of whatever it is you’re making, or a larger size for multiple people.

In conclusion, the Morphy Richards 403021 Easy Blend Deluxe is an all around good product, for an extremely fair price. It has an attractive design that won’t take away from your current kitchen’s style. This appliance comes with drinking straws and multiple choices for the blending receptacle. It has a couple of different blades to handle whatever you need to mix, and is capable of handling all fruits and vegetables (frozen or non frozen).

It’s hard to find a blender capable of grinding coffee but this one does it easily, an irreplaceable feature in my opinion. The Morphy Richards Easy Blend is a nice size, neither too bulky nor too small to fit a lot of ingredients in. At such a low price, this is a true bargain. I use this blender twice a day and would buy it again if I had to do it over.

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