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If you are looking to blend green smoothies, check out this post.

My name is Ray and I am a fitness enthusiast and a health-freak! Nutrition and physical fitness go hand-in-hand when aiming for an optimal physical fitness. Blenders have changed my life, because the foods that I usually wouldn’t eat or simply do not like the taste of, I now add some protein which also adds flavour, some fruit and I have a good tasting and very healthy smoothie drink for me to drink on the go!

Best Blenders For Green Smoothies

Best Jug Blenders UK

In this day and age there is no excuse for not getting your nutrients or 5-a-day! They say you should juice your vegetables and eat your fruits. This is because the fruits contain fibres which lost in the process of blending/juicing. I believe when the fruits are process, the fibres are still present (unless of course you put the juice through a sieve), the only difference is that you are not chewing the fibres. Fruit is also essential from the perspective of taste, the fruits contain natural sugars which sweeten the juice/smoothie – and so you would not need to add sugar or sweeteners.

I have juiced broccoli, kale, spinach, ginger, cucumbers, lettuce, mint, fruits and all sorts of other weird and wonderful healthy “super foods”.
The main reason for me starting this site is I wanted to promote healthy living starting internally, and what better way than to juice yourself. I will be reviewing blenders and juicers so to give you a good idea on what is out on the market, what is popular, and what is best for you.

Find the best jug blenders here, this guide will take you through what are good blenders in UK currently, and follow for best blender for smoothies uk here.

If, like me, you are into getting in shape and want to start introducing super foods to your body then a good blender is definitely a step in the right direction. A good blender will crush ice, pulse vegetables and blend fruits into a tasty smoothie drink.

A good blender will not only be useful when it comes to making smoothies, but also things like soup, shaved ice, grinding coffee beans, hummus, chutneys.. the list is endless. When looking for a good blender, you need one which can handle a lot of tasks and is fairly easy to use and clean.

Some of the more popular blenders today are the jug blenders – these blenders blitz the foods right in your take-away flask so you simply prepare the drink in the morning and take it with you on your way out of the door. These are aimed at those of us with busy lifestyles, much like me.

Which Is The Best Blender For Me?

When shopping for a blender, you will be presented with many, many options. It can be quite a task to find the perfect blender for you. You need to ask yourself some questions before delving into the world of blenders;

  • Are you looking for a blender for a quick smoothie to take-away?
  • Are you looking for more of a culinary soup blender/heater?
  • Are you looking for a blender which has a wide range of functions, blades and uses?
  • Are you looking for a hand-held blender, otherwise known as immersion blenders?

Whatever your goal is, this is the best place for you to find, read about and share good

Types Of Blenders

Immersion (hand-held) Blenders

Immersion, or hand-held blenders are as the name suggests, they are mobile (some are with a cord). They are perfect for blending foods right in your cooking bowl/pot. Ideal for making things likes soups, smoothies etc, but notably mayonnaise. They are also more practical, easier to use and clean.

Here is a video of an immersion blender making mayonnaise.

Jug Blenders

One of the most popular blenders currently available is the jug blender. Jug blenders, as the name suggests is a blender with a jug/bottle which the device blends directly into. A type of jug blender name you may recognise is the NutriBullet. The NutriBullet had an amazing exposure and hype due to the infomercials and internet advertising!

Jug blenders are more powerful and have more functionality than the immersion blenders by nature.

Here is a jug blender making a smoothie

What Is The Difference Between A Juicer And A Blender?

A common question that we are asked regularly and so decided to cover it on the home page!

The short answer is blenders blend and juicers juice! You’re probably thinking “you don’t say!”. Allow me to elaborate.

A juicer will blend the fruits, vegetables… anything you like but it will separate the pulp, the fibers and anything but the juice itself. You will end up with a smooth, juice drink. This allows the “goodness” from the fruits/vegetables to get into your bloodstream much quicker giving your immune system a boost and aiding to heal any ailments.

A blender is a blender that blitzes fruit/veg, along with pulp, fibers giving you a very healthy smoothie. This makes your drink thicker and gives it some bang. It isn’t quite as easy to drink as the juice made by the juicer because of the extra thickness. Think of it as a meal on the go!

Your body will take longer to digest the smoothie and break down the fibers and therefore will take longer to get into your blood stream. Having said that, the smoothie will be more beneficial to you overall because it includes all the fibers that the juicer extracted.

When buying your first blender, you need to look at the specifications and the features to see if they meet with your requirements. Some of these functions you will know you want and some you may not even know about, which is why you’re on this site. So we can explain them to you. Below are some of the questions you should be asking when looking at potential blenders;

How Many Speed Settings Are There?

Speed settings are important because it gives you more control and more flexibility. The majority of the blenders come with two speed settings: high and low. Which are great for basic tasks. Other blenders have settings which are pre-programmed, for example there would be a setting for soup, crushing ice, grinding coffee or simply making milk shakes!

Are There Separate Blades?

Some blenders like the Nutri Bullet comes with separate blades. One is for fruits and vegies the other for nuts and seeds. Its always useful to check for additional blades with your blender to see what you can and cannot blend.

Does The Blender Have An Ice Setting/Blade?

Enjoying an ice smoothie on a hot summers day is one of life’s most satisfying pleasures! If you blender does not have an ice setting or an ice blade and you try blending ice; this could seriously damage your device so if you do want to blend ice, do make sure you check for this!

Are The Blades Removable And/Or Dishwasher Safe?

One of the biggest demotivations for NOT using the blender is when you dread cleaning up afterwards. Dishwasher safe parts means you make your drink, put the parts in the dishwasher and you are done. Its as easy as that. You dont need to mess around with washing up. Having removable parts also allows you to clean the parts more thoroughly. Some blenders where the blade is attached to the jug are difficult to get some of the smaller, jammed-in, food particles hard to remove!

Check The Lid.

Some of the newer blenders come with a strainer allowing you to enjoy a completely smooth drink with an even consistency keeping all the lumps in the strainer. Some lids have a hole within the lid so you can add in ingredients while you blend.