Best Blender For Green Smoothies 2017 – 2018

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The JR 220 45,000RPM, 3.5HP, LED Screen, Industrial Power & Easy To Use! Mid-Range Learn More!

Bio Chef TM-800WH 30,000RPM, 3.0HP, Commercial Power Affordable Learn More!

NutriBullet Pro 900 25,000RPM, 1.5HP, Domestic Power Affordable Learn More!

Green Smoothie Makers – Finding The Right One For You!

Green smoothiesChoosing a blender which is perfect for green smoothies can be a task, with so many makes and models out there. This post contains all of the information you need to make a decision. We have looked at the blenders on the market which are perfect for green smoothies and narrowed it down to the top 3.

What is so good about green smoothies?

Green smoothies are one of the healthiest smoothies you could drink any time of the day, any time of the year. Having all your greens in your smoothie makes it a super-food powered, healthy meal replacement drink or a breakfast drink – it is pure liquid nutrition.


Number 1. The JR 220

Best Blender Green SmoothiesAs far as power goes, The JR 220 by Juice Retreat (shop now), cannot be beaten for the price it comes in at. It has even more power than blenders which are over £1000.00. Here are some of the reasons why The JR 220 is our number 1 blender for green smoothies;

  • Looks elegant – in your kitchen, this blender will definitely look like one of the more premium appliances. It has a very sexy piano black varnish finish complimented with chrome to give it that “high-end” feel.
  • A commercial quality blender build and suited for home use.
  • Touch sensitive buttons on an intelligent touch pad – The touch panel is sensitive that it will respond to your touch yet durable enough as The JR 220 is designed for professional, commercial use so in your home kitchen, it will really stand out.
  • LED screen for instant feedback which is highly visible and waterproof
  • Premium blending process – as powerful as a commercial blender. So the drinks you get from The JR 220 will be just like having a smoothie in a restaurant or smoothie bar as opposed to a home-made smoothie, with all the goodness of the ingredients you put in.Blender Green Smoothies
  • High end commercial grade motor which rotates the blades at an amazing 45,000 RPM! backed by an industrial 3.5 peak horse power! Which basically means anything you put in the blender will be seriously blitzed!
  • 4 Pre-set functions available so you can put in the ingredients, set it to blend and walk away from it. It knows how much power to use and how long to blend for so you get the best possible result. Functions include soup, bean mile, smoothies and a nut grinder.
  • Patented 6 piece sawtooth Tungsten Steel blades to give you the most efficient and powerful blending for both wet and dry ingredients.
  • Extreme nutrition extraction – the high end motor powers the patented ultra sharp, sawtooth tungsten steel blades to extract the most nutritious parts of the food which contain that valuable nutrition locked with the seeds, skin and stems breaking it down to a drinkable and digestible smoothie.
  • Best Blender For Green SmoothiesA very hard jar! The jar is extremely strong. The design and shape of it creates a natural double vortex which helps food move easier inside it, allowing for a superior blend. Completely BPA free and 4mm thick!
  • Internal sound insulation makes The JR 220 one of the more quieter blenders in the market today.
  • The ability to not only make amazing smoothies, but you can also make delicious soup, smooth nut butters, baby food, creamy ice cream, purees and much more – comes with a recipe book to get you started and then you can blend new and different recipes to your hearts content.


The JR 220 is a commercial grade blender build for the home kitchen. It comes at a decent price point and the job it does is simply amazing. It is very elegant in terms of looks, a real pleasure to use, very robust just as you would expect a commercial blender to be, along with the power an industrial grade blender would possess.

With its superior touch screen, led display, smart blending as well as the sound insulation. This is the best blender for your money, not only just for green smoothies but for anything your heart desires.

There is no real competition when looking at blenders. If you are looking for a real quality blender then you have found the best one around for the price!



Number 2. The Vitality4Life Bio Chef TM-800WH

The TM-800WH comes in at number 2. Another very good and powerful blender from Bio Chef, The TM-800WH has some very good features at a decent price point. Here are some of the reasons why The TM-800WH made it to number 2;

  • Bio Chef30,000 RPM to blitz any food item into a very smooth and consistent finish
  • 3 Peak Horse Power commercial grade motor to beat any foods extremely well
  • Strong and durable build, made to last
  • Make great tasting soups, smoothies, ice cream, baby food and more!
  • Functions very well not just as a blender, but also a food processor, chopper and ice crusher
  • Quieter than other blenders
  • Free 2 litre BPA free jug


The TM-800WH has made it to number 2 before of its power and RPM. The blades are very strong and able to pulverize any foods. Bottom line, a very powerful, commercial grade blender at an affordable price to keep in the kitchen.



Number 3. The NutriBullet Pro 900 Series

Blender SmoothiesA very well marketed blender and popular with good reason, The Nutribullet has taken over many kitchens around the world as the blender of choice because of its ease to use and aimed at people looking for a quick-green-smoothie health fix. It is powerful enough to make good smoothies as well as grind seeds, nuts and making soup. Here are some of the reason to look at The NutriBullet Pro 900;

  • Powerful 900W motor driving the blades up to 25,000 RPM backed with a 1.5 peak horse power
  • Included are a variety of tall and to-go cups, perfect when you’re on the move
  • Simply push down and twist to lock and The NutriBullet Pro 900 will do the rest for you
  • Dishwasher safe blending cups that can also be used as drinking cups making the whole process of being healthy, easy.


Another great blender, not quite as powerful as The TM-800WH or The JR 220, but The NutriBullet Pro 900 is a very easy-to-use blender. It can do smoothies very well, it can also make soup, grind dry ingredients but if you want a blender to do more than just this then it would be worth spending some more money to have a complete kitchen solution.



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