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Magimix 11610 – 1.8 Litre Blender Review 2022 – 2023

No one enjoys buying a kitchen appliance and needing to go out shopping for another one soon after. We should be able to trust in our purchases instead of feeling nothing but regret and frustration. Luckily, products such as the Magimix 11610 ‘Le Blender‘ (VIEW PRICE HERE!) exist.

Magimix 11610

This is not the cheapest of blender options, but with a brand name as trusted and well known as this one, there’s most certainly a reason for that! This product name is synonymous with reliability, and lasts for years. I know someone that still has a Magimix product from the 1980s which is working beautifully.
Weighing 6kg, the durability and value of this particular blender is readily apparent. From such a description, you’d be expecting something bulky and unattractive, but this blender looks wonderful, quite sleek and compact for such a sturdy machine. There is no need to sacrifice beauty for efficiency anymore.

Listed below are some of its key features:

  • The Magimix 11610 ‘Le Blender’ is capable of holding up to 1.8 L. Instead of having to partake in the time consuming task of blending your portions separately, make an entire family sized portion all at once in this spacious jug.
  • Heat resistant glass body can handle soups straight off the stove, providing that ever-sought-after silky consistency, and comes with a pouring lip for a mess free cooking experience. Instead of worrying about spilling hot soup on your hand or the floor, it will go right where you want it, reducing waste and inconvenience.
  • The machine has pre-set functions that include not just soup but ice, smoothies, and cold desserts. Make sauces, baby food, or a multitude of purees. The options are really limitless. Get creative and invent your own delicacies, while knowing the Magimix can help you along the way. For some ideas you can check out the included recipe book.
  • This blender has a watertight lid, preventing splatter and eradicating the need for extra clean up, which nobody enjoys.
  • Many blenders mix the contents you add, but leave behind chunks or seeds in the final product. This is not a concern with the Magimix, which handles small particles wonderfully. The Exclusive BlenderMix system ensures a smoother, finer blended product.
  • Powerful enough for the hardest vegetables, the device is very versatile.
  • What you once needed two separate appliances for (a blender and a food processor), you can now use one for. Use raw and frozen ingredients in this blender without the common concern of clogging it up.

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