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Tommee Tippee Baby Food Blender Review 2022 – 2023

Tommee Tippee Baby Food Blender Review 2019

Tommee Tippee are well known for producing excellent quality children’s items, and this Baby Food Blender is absolutely no exception. You truly can become your own kid’s MasterChef with this handy appliance, at a very good price too for such a high-quality item. It was a pleasure to review this- read on to find out more!



  • Beautiful Signature Design: One thing we love about Tommee Tippee’s products are the signature, simple, yet elegant design. We absolutely love the simplicity and monotone look of this blender featuring its logo on the top. This is perhaps our favourite feature of this product actually! It is available in both black and white, but we prefer the white.
  • Steamer and Blender: The blender is able to both steam and blend ingredients simultaneously, delivering your little one with a tasty, healthy home cooked meal fit for their sensitive developing gums- all within a matter of minutes. We love this feature of the baby food maker actually, it saves a lot of hassle from traditional blenders where you’re usually required to pre-boil and prep ingredients for use in the blender. Due to this struggle, many parents tend to opt for store bought meals purely due to the convenience. This product is a sure-fire way to end that dilemma and give your baby nutrients they need for primal growth in their childhood. 
  • Versatile: We love how we can blitz pretty much anything in this- be it fruit, for making delicious berry porridges or veggies for yummy soups. Even meats and fish are suitable for use with this blender, so you can give your baby all of their essential nutrients with one press of a button. One of our favourites are tomato soup; make sure you’ve prepped the tomatoes perfectly to achieve the ultimate smooth texture. We guarantee your baby will love it- if they like tomatoes that is! No need to go out and buy store-bought food, it’s both expensive and contains preservatives- give your child nothing but the best!
  • Various Achievable Textures: There is a steamer basket attachment you can use for faster steaming, which in turn allows you to make smoother paste food for younger children. You may also blend in jug, or combine both methods to achieve a range of textures from smooth purees to chunky meals. For very young children, ensure the veggies are steamed completely. A good way to tell is, for example with potatoes, they need to be extremely soft. They should break up as soon as you pick them up. In addition, try and remove the skins of the veggies, this makes for ever smoother pureed foods. For chunkier meals, there is no need to use the steamer basket or even steam for too long for that matter, just blitz it up generally and serve it to your child. This is better suited to those children who’ve developed teeth.
  • Spatula Included: A neat spatula comes with the purchase of this product which is great to minimise food wastage from around the jug. It is also conveniently store in the handle- a smart design feature. 
  • Perfect Portions: Your life is made a whole lot easier with the handy steamer basket as well as the 200g max. capacity jug. This means you will be serving up the correct amount, no more sick to clean up!


  • Confusing Instructions: While it is an absolute delight to use, work with and show in your kitchen, we found the instructions a tad confusing. Don’t let this put you off, an assembly video online should help you out perfectly. We guarantee you will love making meals for your little one with this.
  • Time Required to blend: One slight feature which would make this blender perfect is if there was a little more power in the blending abilities. It did take us quite some time to reach that perfect smooth consistency, so blending time is an issue here. Not the best choice for busy people, but still, it doesn’t make this appliance any less desirable.
  • Noisy: While this model is much faster and a lot more powerful than the previous one, it is also, as a result, very noisy. This probably isn’t a great feature about this product for mornings, but this is best for baby dinners anyway.

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Item Specifics:

Item Weight: 2.15 Kg

Dimensions: 14cm x 32.6cm x 31.2cm

Colour: White or Black

Dishwasher Safe? Yes


The Final Verdict:

Appearance: 10/10 — the best thing about this blender is the signature look you get from Tommee Tippee products; they never fail to blow us away with their elegant and simple look. It’s an absolute delight to have on your kitchen counter.

Functionality: 8/10 — What makes this machine less than perfect is certain mechanical flaws, such as noise and lack of high speed food processing.

Value for Money: 9/10 — Overall, it is another success of a product from a trusted and renowned company, so we do recommend it for all the parents out there.