Best Blender For Crushing Ice – For Perfect Smoothies 2017 – 2018

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Duronic BL1200 Strong Design – Variable Speed – Auto Clean Function Strong Design – Variable Speed – Auto Clean Function Learn More!

Andrew James 1100 Multiple Functions – Heat Resistant Jug – Easy Controls Mid range Learn More!

Fineway Electric Ice Crusher 600ml Compartment – Stainless Steel Blade – 50 watt Motor Affordable Learn More!

Best Blenders For Making Ice Drinks – Top 3 Of 2017 – 2018

On a hot summer’s day, there is nothing more refreshing than a nice cold drink. Having ice in the freezer helps, but you might want to crush the ice to make a smoothie or cocktail. While many blenders are capable of crushing ice, it often becomes more of a slush than crushed. This list, features the top three blenders for crushing ice.


Duronic BL1200 Blender Review – Our Number 1

Duronic BL1200This blender and ice crusher from Duronic (shop now) is designed to be efficient and durable. It is made with quality materials and has a nice design, so it will look good in the kitchen. Let us see some of its features.

  • There is a choice of variable speeds to give you precise control over the blender. This makes it good for a variety of uses.
  • The 1.8L glass jug is both stylish and robust. It will also look elegant when taken to the table to serve.
  • The blender is equipped with a 4 sided blade that can crush and blend any type of fruit or vegetable. It will also give you nicely crushed ice.
  • It is fitted with three pre-set programmes to make life easier. You can select ice crushing, smoothies and a very useful auto clean function.

The Duronic BL1200 blender will not only give you perfectly delicious smoothies, it will also make great crushed ice. Just what you need for the health conscious.


Features: Strong Design – Variable Speed – Auto Clean Function

Pricing: High End



Andrew James 1100 Watt 7 in 1 Review – Number 2

Andrew James Soup MakerThis 7 in 1 blender from Andrew James, really is an amazing, multi-function machine. Not only can it do everything a traditional blender can do, it can also make soup, steam and grind. Here are some of its features.

  • The product can not only blend, but also grind coffee, steam, boil, crush ice and create soup. A very versatile machine.
  • It is great for busy families that don’t have time to do all these things separately. It also saves on the washing up.
  • The heat resistant jug makes it easy to transport your soup or boiled egg without hurting yourself.
  • It has a nice design with simple touch button controls. This means there is no complicated manual to worry about.

Overall, this 7 in 1 blender from Andrew James is perfect for anyone that doesn’t want multiple appliances around the kitchen.


Features: Multiple Functions – Heat Resistant Jug – Easy Controls

Pricing: Mid-Range



Fineway Electric Ice Crusher Review – Number 3

FiNeWaY ELECTRIC ICE CRUSHERAlthough having a blender that can also crush ice is a good idea if you have limited space in the kitchen, it might not always work. Sometimes you might just want a small ice crusher for a BBQ or other function. This is where the FiNeWaY Electric Ice Crusher comes in. Let us see the functions.

  • The powerful 50 watt motor will be able to crush the ice quickly and easily. Just what you need in a hurry.
  • It can crush up to 300g of ice in one minute. This is ideal if you have a lot of drinks to make for a party.
  • The stainless steel blade and grinder will crush the ice into the perfect size without making it too slushy.
  • It is fitted with a 600ml removable ice compartment so that you can easily transfer the ice to the drinks.

This Electric Ice Crusher from FiNeWaY is a very nice and compact product that will create crushed ice very quickly. It also has a lovely sleek design that is practical and functional.


Features: 600ml Compartment – Stainless Steel Blade – 50 watt Motor

Pricing: Affordable




The top spot goes to the Duronic BL1200 blender. With its nice design and glass jug, it will make a nice centrepiece at the table. It is also strong enough to cope with all your blending and crushing needs.



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