Breville VBL062 Blend-Active Blender – White/Green

From a house hold name comes a great product at an affordable price. The Breville VBL062 Blend Active is a great blender for the busy people (VIEW PRICE HERE!. With a shaker bottle which you can blend your drink right into and then head out the door; it makes it very attractive to those of us constantly on the move!

breville vbl062 blend active review

The colour is bright and very snazzy! I think it looks fantastic! A personal blender with an additional bottle.

It comes with a 600ml BPA-free blender bottle, which looks much like a protein shaker! And another additional bottle, so you can make a smoothie to drink right now and maybe one later in the day!

The VBL062 is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, detachable and very easy to use with a one-touch operation.


– A good quality blender at a very affordable price
– extremely easy to clean, just rinse and you’re done
– Grinds coffee beans in seconds
– very user friendly
– strong motor blitzes through solid / frozen foods
– make the drink directly in the bottle, no need to transfer!
– less noisy than other blenders
– comes with two bottles to blend your smoothie right in it and go!


– Sometimes small bits of food can get stuck at the top.
– looks a little plasticy and the colour is a little in-your-face!




breville vbl062 blend active review

The bottles themselves are great because they are “sports-style” meaning you can put them on the side of your gym bag, your cup holder in your car, on your drink holder on the bike and have a click-lock lid to avoid spillage whilst you lug it around!

The design of the bottles are slick in that, unlike protein shakers – the design of the VBL062 will prevent bits of food or powder to build up on the edges – which can be a pain to get out (talking from personal experience on my protein shaker here!).

It will easily blend ice, frozen vegetables, large pieces of fruit and coffee! Throw in some summer fruits along with some ice, within a few seconds you will have a great tasting (and healthy), cool, refreshing smoothie to cool you down!

Grab some herbs, spices and vegetables to make a hot soup on a cool evening to warm you up. Blending vegetables is very quick, easy and satisfying. Warm up the mixture and you have a savory soup! One Amazon reviewer even claimed to make hummus with it!

Conclusion.breville vbl062 blend active review

Bottom line, for the price, this is a fantastic machine. It is powerful, versatile and very user friendly. But, above all, it is a strong product. When comparing it to the likes of other more premium price tags, you cannot go wrong for the money with this.

If you are a New Year’s resolution keeper, then this would be the perfect investment for you. You are not breaking the bank to buy this, and hey, if you do use this for only a few weeks then it’s still a very good buy! But you will find you’ll use it for a lot longer!

Again, don’t take my word for it; see what other people on Amazon are saying!





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