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Best Blenders Under £100 – Reviews 2022 – 2023

Best Blenders Under £100 – Reviews 2018 – 2019

[amazon table=”1643″]The revolutionary healthy-eating and veganism craze has taken the world by storm, and blenders of all shapes and sizes have become the staple of the whole movement. Portable blender, minimalist blender, high-tech blender, touchscreen, multi-colour, whatever it may be. We’ve listed our top 3 reviewed blenders you can pick up for under £100! Read on to find out more. [divider width=”full”]

1) NINJA BL480UK Review

You may find it shocking that we didn’t put the NUTRiBULLET at the top of this list, but that’s because hidden gems can prove to be miles better than the mainstream products. We selected the BL480UK as our top choice blender because of its affordability, stylish look, ease of use and high speed power.


  • Intelligent: This smart new blender has various pre-set Auto-iQ blending programmes made for you to try out and use. We loved this feature, as not many blenders have this explorative quality that allows you to pick up new skills and try out different textures, flavour combinations etc.
  • Specialised: NINJA have gone all-out of their way to develop the best blender out there, really. They’ve fitted patented Pro Extractor Blades which can quickly and perfectly blitz whole fruits (yeah- even stubborn frozen fruit!), vegetables, nuts, seeds and can also crush ice. It is by the far the most versatile blender we’ve tested that is perfect at handling all types of ingredients. 
  • Easy to Take on the Go: Once finished with your blender, you can pour it straight into your signature Nutri Ninja travel cup with a lid. We’re all busy people these days, so a simple addition of a travel mug saves us time having to go and specifically buy one. 
  • Powerful: The 1000 watt motor creates beautiful, smooth blended drinks and more- all in such little time! You will likely only spend 2 minutes in your morning making your smoothie, no more.  
  • Versatile: We tested this blender vigorously with hot and cold ingredients. No signs of cracking when making soups, and no less ease-of-use when blending frozen ingredients. We can guarantee you’ll never have used an easier blender. Within seconds you can taste a cool, smooth and great tasting drink packed with all the benefits, nutrients and minerals from your ingredients.
  •  Ninja’s Special Technology: With bespoke Pro Extractor Blades, the product can create pulse, pause and blending patterns to achieve various different textures for your final goods. Not a single ingerdient, even ice, is left unblended – there’s no waste.

 What’s Included:

  • 1000W Power Base
  • Travel Cups: (500 ml) and (650 ml)
  • Pro Extractor Blade
  • 2 Sip & Seal Lids


Our Rating:

Appearance: 9/10Functionality: 8/10Value for Money: 9/10 

2) VonShef Professional Food Blender & Smoothie Maker

VonShef have come up in many of our reviews on this website for kitchen appliances, so there’s no element of surprise in seeing this come up in our top three again. We were blown away by the classical, statement design of this product and the robust working mechanisms. We tried it with hot soups (crack resistant!) to sorbets (unbeatable creamy texture!) – and yes, it did beat the infamous NUTRiBULLET!


  • Powerful: For maximum performance, this blender features a strong 1500W high-speed motor, fixed with razor sharp stainless steel blades. The streamline blade design results in optimal chopping, grinding and blending your ingredients, and this product boats an awesome 28,000 – 30,000 RPM blade speed for rapid blending. We can vouch for this; your kale smoothie will be done in no time, with minimal fluid required, so you can create that glorious, thick and creamy texture we see all over Instagram.
  • 9 variable Speed Settings: To give you greater ease of use and control over the blend and texture of your smoothies, this blender has 9 speed settings which you can choose from. Our suggestions are to use the highest speed setting on frozen ingredients for that delectable ice-cream like texture (perfect for sorbets!), or low-speed with fresh ingredients for the classic clean-green detox smoothie. You can achieve the exact consistency you want without over-processing your precious ingredients; nobody wants that when investing in whole-foods! 
  • Pulse Function: Not many blenders we’ve tested have this feature, and it’s pretty neat! You can achieve various consistencies using this feature, and it’s great for recipes which include frozen ingredients, as these need to be juggled around inside the blending jug to evenly distribute the ingredient between the blades. The pulse-blend function allows for short, sharp bursts paired with your incredible strong and durable stainless steel blades. This allows for blitzing the toughest of ingredients (think frozen berries- what a nightmare!) –with ease.
  • Generous 2L Blending Jug: If you have a busy schedule, a great way to plan ahead and be prepared for early work mornings is to set a rota, and pre-make your smoothies, cooking and meal preps. This means you can make a big batch early on and store it in the refrigerator for later use.
  • Non-Slip Design: The blender is cleverly designed with a non-slip foot safety measure. There is also an integrated carrier handle on the jug, so you can move the jug around without worries.
  • Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty
  • BPA Free

Our Rating:

Appearance: 8/10Functionality: 7/10Value for Money: 8/10 

3) NUTRiBULLET Multi-function Blender

NUTRiBULLET really do not require much introduction due to the amazing job they’ve done by standing out in the public. Winning multiple awards has stayed on their side and we do believe they are justified! The quality received by these bespoke branded products is unmatched, making it a staple in our top 3 list.


  • Fits your lifestyle: The 900 series comes with more accessories than before, (think new cups, new lids) to suit your active, healthy lifestyle.
  • Pro Juicing and Blending Methods: This famous blender can break down pretty much any ingredient you throw in- stems, seeds, skins- you name it. It works with a super powerful 25,000 RPM! The blender uses unique extractor blades and cyclonic action to build up and use power in an efficient way; to extract all the possible goodness from your products (yes, it literally sucks the juice out of those carrot skins). Not only does this mean there is minimal ingredient loss, it also leads to a smooth result!
  • Powerful: We’ve already mentioned the 25,000 RPM, but this 900-watt motor generates 50% more power than its previous models.
  • Top Up on-the-go: One thing we really loved about this purchase was that NUTRiBULLET packed in two differently sized travel cups- tall or oversized. Whether you’re doing the school run or heading over to gym, you can fit you fruits and veggies easily into your diet and lifestyle using these handy little fixtures. Best of all, there’s different lid types too! You can choose from a flip-top lid for on-the-go pick ups, a classic stay-fresh lid, or a handled comfort lid to let you save your goods for later. 
  • Quick and Easy: The cleaning of this blender is both quick and easy; music to our ears. You literally just rinse under warm tap-water! Make sure you read the provided or virtual care instructions; while these are tedious to read, they really do help you increase the longevity of your product and help you reap the maximum benefits. One thing to note: don’t overfill your cup. There is a max-line marking, so as long as you stay within in, you’re good to go. 
  • Nutritious: This PRO 900-series model of the NUTRiBULLET is the ultimate destroyer of foods, it will totally liquefy and mix it all up. You’ll never have to taste another lump of kale or ice-cold and hard banana chunk in your smoothie ever again. 

 What’s Included:

  • High-Torque Power Base
  • Extractor Blade
  • Two Travel Cups: Oversized (909 ml) and Tall (680 ml)
  • 3 Lids: Handled Comfort Lip Ring, Flip Top Lid, Stay Fresh Lid
  • Buyer Handbook with Recipes and Manual
  • Pocket Nutritionist


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Our Rating:

Appearance: 8/10Functionality: 8/10Value for Money: 7/10