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Top Blenders For Making Soup & Other Hot Liquids

As winter approaches, smooth and warm soup as well as various hot liquids become stable dietary needs to keep cosy on those chilly evenings. However, most blenders struggle to blend any type of hot liquids due to the materials used to make it. They simply are not built for it which can lead to a broken product if you do try to blend hot liquids in them. 

Many popular brands have recognised this problem and have used their innovative technology to fill this gap in the market. So much so that it can become overwhelming to choose the right blender for you. This article breaks down the top three blenders for making hot soup and other hot liquids to make your search much easier.

Tefal Easy Soup & Smoothie Maker

Tefal‘s easy soup and smoothie maker really gives the user a luxury comparable to fine dining. Cooking as it blends, you can have your favourite soup ready in 23 minutes ( or 25 minutes if you prefer chunky soup). With the help of four stainless steel blades attached to the lid of the blender, this product can effectively produce your chosen consistency with easy and accuracy.

Regardless of your past soup-making experiences, anyone will be able to use the Easy Soup’s two-click function. All you have to do it chose your ingredients and roughly chop them, they do not have to be perfect shapes, just small enough that you can fill the blenders 1.2 litre capacity. Next, choose what programme you would like to use (I’d choose the ‘smooth soup’ function myself), and press the start button centred on the easy to use control panel.

Do not worry if you’re not quite ready to eat. Easy Soup beeps three times to let you know when it has done making your chosen soup. This blender has the ability to keep it hot until you are ready to eat due to double-wall insulation by automatically switching to its ‘keep warm’ mode. It will keep in this mode for up to 40 minutes until you are ready, making it the perfect choice for those busy winter nights.

If you wish to spread your cookery wings and use your blender for recipes other than soup, then this model allows you to do that with just as much ease as making soup. The main selling point of any blender is how versatile it can be, Tefal has kept this in mind as you are able to not only make smoothies but also compotes using their designated buttons. You are able to make any smoothie of choice in just 4 minutes while you are compotes take only 20 minutes.

Any Extra Features That Come With This Blender?

Tefal understand that cleaning out your blender after a cosy family dinner is the last thing you want to do, which is why the Easy Soup comes with an automatic cleaning programme giving you more time to spend on the things that matter. All you need to do it fill up the jug with water, hot or cold will do, and select the ‘easy cleaning’ mode on the control panel. Click ‘start’ and within 3 minutes you will have a perfectly clean blender. Tip out the water and you are good to go for next time.

For those of you who are new to the soup game, there is an easy to follow handbook included with the product. This includes 30 unique recipes for when you need a new flavourful inspiration. Not only do these recipes include soup but they also include recipes for:

  • Gazpachos
  • Desserts
  • Smoothies
  • Compote

Not only does this product come with 1 year warranty, but Tefal also offers a low-cost, easy repair service for 10 years after buying your blender. This means that if part of your blender breaks or needs a new part then the parts you need will be quickly delivered to one of 6500 repair centres worldwide, allowing you to keep using your blender for years to come.

More About Tefal?

Tefal‘s primary aim is to make cooking simpler and more attractive, encouraging more people to try different recipes and flavours with easy instead of relying on ready-made food. With their one and only motto ‘make your every day easier’, Tefal takes an average idea and makes it a great one featuring innovative solutions. Due to this, their popularity has soared, and they are now the world leader in an array of kitchen products, appliances and everyday gadgets, not forgetting blenders.

Are There Any Common Issues?

Although the blender beeps to let you know that is it done, there is no count down timer so you will not know how close it is to finishing. However, the time settings do not vary so with use, you will be able to tell how close your soup is to being done.

after some use, you may start to notice that your blender starts to burn at the bottom. While this reportedly does not affect the taste or texture of the soup, it does make the easy to clean function unusable as it does not properly clear away the burnt residue which will require more hands-on cleaning.

Is The Easy Soup For Me?

This is perfect for anyone who has a busy evening routine and just wants to have something quick and easy to eat in minutes. All you have to do is chuck in your ingredients of choice and select your mode, then you are good to go. Even if you forget about your soup, it will keep warm for when you are ready to eat it, allowing you to get whatever needs to be finished done and out of the way.

However, if you are planning on feeding a big family all in one go, then this may not be the blender for you. While you are comfortably able to feed 4 people all at once, that is pretty much the limit so be cautious and question if this is the blender for your needs.



Morphy Richards Total Control

Morphy Richards’ Total Control blender does exactly as it says on the tin. It gives you total independent control of the food you make without you having to put in any extra effort. Compared with Tefal’s Easy Soup, this product is designed to give you larger portions to feed more people with a 1.6 litre capacity. However, if there are days where you do not need the full 1.6 litres worth of soup then you are able to choose from either 2, 3 or 4 portions when cooking to ensure that no food is wasted saving you time and money. 

The Total Control is designed to be used by all kinds of amateur cooks, from those who make soup frequently to those who have never used a blender for hot liquids. Complete with smart response technology, this blender is able to provide consistent results with every use. This is due to the 9 pre-programmed settings delivering confidence in the kitchen to any chef. All you need to do is chop up and throw in your chosen ingredients and then select any one fo the following settings:

  • Smooth
  • Medium
  • Chunky soup
  • Saute
  • Drinks
  • Re-heat
  • Blend
  • Pre-clean
  • Manual Blend

With the choice of 3 different settings for soup, you can be sure of receiving a gourmet level bowl with every meal. If you prefer your soup’s thickness a certain way then you are able to select the manual blend function allowing you to get the soup to suit you.

For those who wish to use the blender to its full advantage and really spice up your food’s flavour, this model provides 3 additional settings to make your life even easier:

  • Saute – This adds extra flavour to your soups without you having to try
  • Smoothie – This makes your blender more versatile by allowing you to make delicious, healthy smoothies
  • Manual blend – This makes the soup your perfect consistency

Not only is this product able to keep your soups warm for when you are ready to eat them, but it also has the ability to re-heat previously make food. This eradicates the worry to freeze your soup in case it loses flavour as you can always reheat with the saute function so that you do not lose that quality taste while re-heating.

Are There Any Extra Features?

Just like any other blender, if this model goes uncleaned then this will affect the taste of your soup. Luckily, Morphy Richards have taken this into consideration and have added a pre-clean setting making the Total Control a breeze to clean. All you need to do it pour warm water and washing up liquid straight into the main body and select the ‘pre-clean’ mode. This will automatically rotate the blades and clean the base. Then you rinse out the blender and your Total Control is clean and ready to use for next time.

Just like Tefal’s Easy Soup blender, this model comes with a recipe handbook. The difference being that Morphy Richards decided to go more extravagant and exotic with their recipes rather than sticking with traditional styles. While this may lead to the user buying ingredients that they usually wouldn’t the payoff is in the taste of the soup.

More About Morphy Richards As A Brand

Morphy Richards are on the few companies who want to change the modern market place. Being aware of the ever changing need to find new and innovative ways of meeting consumer needs, they are working to adapt to new methods of producing and distributing. Because of this challenge, they are the most used small appliance brand in the UK due to their mindset of putting their customers at the heart of their inventions.

Any Common Issues With This Blender?

The actual build of the blender can be flimsy and prone to breakages after a few uses. While this may only be an issue with one of the batches of this model, Morphy Richards offers a 1 year warranty in case you have any issues or breakages during use.

Is This The Blender For Me?

If you want to have bigger portions with the ability to feed more people then this is the soup blender for you. Likewise, if you wish to be more adventurous in the kitchen rather than just sticking to the recipes you know, then the Total Control gives you the tools and functions to be able to do that as well as a whole handbook full of recipes you may not have even heard of before. With this blender, the inexperiences armature has the ability to become a soup master while maintaining their everyday routine.



VonShef Digital Soup Maker

VonShef’s Digital Soup Maker practically screams modern innovation.  With the understanding of technology’s impact on the busy everyday life, VonShef has taken that and produced a powerful, 900 watt appliance. This power enables the blender to both cook and blends your soup at the same time as most of the power goes towards the powerful heating element.

With a 1.75 litre capacity (the largest capacity on this list) you are able to make larger batches for a bigger family or even make larger batches to last you longer. All you have to do is chop up your chosen vegetables and throw them into the blender with the required amount of water (indicated both in the handbook and on the blender’s main body). The Digital Soup Maker cooks your soup by bringing the liquid up to the correct temperature and gently simmering until the veg is cooked.

The brand recognise that each individual has their favoured soup texture. This is why the blender comes with four main settings:

  • Chunky
  • Smooth
  • Pulse
  • Blend

These options (particularly the pulse and blend option) gives you total control of the consistency of your soup giving you the ability to use the Soup Maker as you need. Each setting will take between 20 and 30 minutes in order to both cook and blend the soup as to provide the best result for you. Not only are these options useful for making soup, but they are also good for making delicious smoothies. Like the soup, just add your ingredients and blend together until you are satisfied.

Are There Any Extra Features?

The main body is detachable from the heavy motor making cleaning easy and efficient. All you have to do it detach the jug section much like a jug blender and wash it out as you would a bowl or saucepan. You are able to use any kind of washing up liquid without the jug itself being damaged. Then just reattach to the motor and you are good to go for next time.

More About VonShef

VonShef understand the importance of a modern kitchen and have the innovating to adapt seemingly old appliances into modern spectaculars. This has lead to a vastly growing success, allowing the brand to expand from everyday cookware to speciality appliances and other home favourites. With their mission to make the kitchen the consumers favourite room in the house, VonShef is delivering products more up to date than other brands of its type.

Are There Any Common Issues?

While this is a fantastic product, it does tend to have a short life span for various reasons. Maybe a piece breaks off or eventually the 900 watt power burns out, either way there is no doubt that this product is great while it lasts.



Is This The Blender For Me?

While it is arguable that VonShef’s Digital Soup Maker matches or even succeeds the others mentioned on this list, it doe not last very long. The features help to provide a luxurious soup while you are able to use them, however after a while this product will break. My advice to you is –  buy this blender for the short term or if you very rarely will use it. If you are planning on saving for a bigger and better blender but need one for quick use then this is the one, likewise, if you only use your blender once every few months then this is perfect for you.

However, if you want something with more dynamic capabilities and to last you for the long run then I suggest you look somewhere else.