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Philips HR3652/01 Blender Review 2022 – 2023

Philips HR3652/01 Blender Review – An Outstanding Machine for Milkshakes and More

Milkshakes are loved by many, but if you want a proper milkshake these days then your best bet is usually to head to your nearest ice cream parlor or shop that specializes in milkshakes. This can often prove to be quite expensive, especially if you are buying for a number of people.However, you can get around this quite easily by purchasing a good blender that is designed to make milkshakes. Choosing one is a challenge because there are plenty of models out there, but we are able to help you. We have picked some of the best models on the market to review them for you.The blender that we are going to be reviewing today is the Philips HR3652/01 Blender. To find out more information about what we thought of this one, please read on below. We hope that you will find our review helpful.

The Philips HR3652/01 Blender Review

Features: 1400W Motor – 2L Capacity – Pre-Set Programmes – Adjustable Speed – LCD Display – Pulse Function – Ice Crushing – 21.6 x 43 x 31.6 cm – 4.93kg


  • This is a very solid blender with durability at the forefront of the design.
  • It has a very generous 2L capacity, making it perfect for the family home.
  • The adjustable speed really helps to get the desired milkshake consistency.
  • It has a nice LCD screen which makes it even easier to use.


  • The blender can be quite loud, especially as the speeds are increased.


Philips Avance Collection Blender with ProBlend 6 3D Technology, 1400 W, Silver - HR3652/01
Philips Avance Collection Blender with ProBlend 6 3D Technology, 1400 W, Silver - HR3652/01
Philips Avance Collection Blender with ProBlend 6 3D Technology, 1400 W, Silver - HR3652/01
Our Score
  • Finer blending of fruits and vegetables, thanks to our 1400 W motor
  • The large 2 Litre jar has a working capacity of 1.5 Litre for deliciously blended smoothies to share with the whole family or save for later
  • All detachable parts of your Philips blender are dishwasher safe - except for the blade unit, which can be easily rinsed clean. The base can be wiped clean if needed
  • The developed ProBlend 6 3D technology to ensure that all of the ingredients in your smoothie are finely blended – so the nutrients in fruit, vegetables and nuts are unlocked from the cell structure and easily absorbed by your body
  • From gentle blending for soft fruits – to a burst of power for harder fruit and vegetables. It’s up to you with our variable manual speed options
  • 35000 RPM for excellent blending and even healthier smoothies
  • Smoothies preset program made easy for homemade smoothies

The Review

When we first looked at the Philips HR3652/01 Blender, we weren’t actually too impressed with the design. It seemed a little basic to us. However, when we got a closer look, we were able to tell how well designed it actually is. The entire unit is built with durability in mind; it really has been built to last, even with daily use.There were a number of things that really impressed us with this one. First of all, we liked the user interface. There are just a few buttons that allow you to navigate the entire menu. The fact that the blender is so simple to use is a major plus point.In terms of capacity, this blender really stands out. The Philips HR3652/01 Blender has a 2L capacity jug which is easily enough to cater for multiple people at the same time. We tested out some different recipes but we were more interested to see how this blender coped with making milkshakes.We have to say that we were really impressed. There is an adjustable speed option which we found really helpful for varying the consistency of the recipes that we were making. This could be particularly helpful for recipes like soup where you want to leave chunks of vegetables in your dish.Finally, the LCD screen is a really nice addition. It allows you to see the timer and the speed that you are using which we found really helpful. The only issue that we did have with this blender is that it does get quite loud, especially as you are increasing the speed. However, with a motor of this power that is to be expected.We hope that after reading our thoughts about this blender you are now able to make an informed decision as to whether or not it is the right option for you.[amazon box=”B07143NJWY” value=”star_rating” rating=”4.5″ ]