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7 Day Smoothie Weight Loss Diet Plan – Does It Work?

7 Day Smoothie Weight Loss Diet Plan-Does It Work?

 62% of the UK population is overweight and obesity is responsible for 30,000 deaths a year. Such alarming statistics indicate a need for proper weight loss education. People need to start monitoring their food intake, allot a specific time slot for working out, and take interest in engaging in other activities that promote.Overcoming obesity can be difficult but not impossible. Health experts say that the best way to overcome obesity is by losing weight the natural way. This involves being able to exercise regularly while following a reduced-calorie diet. However, not everybody has the luxury of time and money to afford to prepare highly nutritious meals and pay gym membership fees.What would say if I tell you there’s another way to lose a ton of weight without needing to invest too much time and money, and you can see the results in as early as 7 days!Forget everything you know about “magic pills” and “water diets”. Those crazes may work at first but they aren’t truly helpful for your body, in the long run. Those methods promote a daily regimen that is devoid of the actual proportion of the necessary nutrients your body needs to be high-functioning so you’ll soon experience side effects like muscle cramps and fatigue. Luckily, it’s a different case for the 7-day smoothie diet.

Why does it work?

  The smoothie diet consists of the perfect balance of the liquid diet and the green leafy diet and has shown a magnificent success rate in reducing body fat speedily. A smoothie refers to a drink made by mixing ingredients that are low in calories but high in nutrients.Choosing the smoothie diet means committing to blending large proportions of green vegetables and fresh fruits to make this highly nutritious drink.  With this diet, you are provided with a whole meal covering an adequate representation of calories, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, fiber and several antioxidants to burn the body fat efficiently.Preparing highly nutritious and delicious food has never been made easier!  Just put all your ingredients in your smoothie maker and blend them for about 50 seconds. Once your smoothie is ready, you can always drink it immediately or store any that is left in a well-sealed container in your refrigerator.

The Best Time To Take Your Smoothies

For best results, take your smoothies early in the morning – empty bellies ensure greater absorption of minerals and nutrients from all the healthy fruits and vegetables you’ve chosen. Also, they require more time to digest so you can feel fuller for an extended period of time. Perfect to combat all those binge eating urges.

Slow Down Drinking It

Don’t try drinking those smoothies in record time!  Since smoothies can taste and look like treats instead of meals, many people tend to drink their smoothies like there’s a race. This is problematic because it can leave us hungrier instead of more full. What to do? Just slow it down and lose the straw.Drink it normally or with a spoon. Doing so will give your body enough time to feel full and satisfied so you won’t go craving for more.3 Types of Smoothie Health Plans You Should Try

  1. Green vegetables with fresh fruit juice. This kind of smoothie diet greatly helps in reducing belly fat and has been dubbed as the belly fat diet by others.
  2. Mango juice with mashed ripe avocado and yogurt. You’re sure to enjoy a highly nutritious meal with its adequate mix of carbohydrates, fats, sodium, cholesterol, vitamins, fibers and proteins.
  3. Blueberry smoothies made by combining skim milk, frozen blueberries, and flaxseed oil. This has been found to effectively help both sexes reduce their waistline.

If you love having variety and are interested in finding unique blends for your smoothies, check out these recipes or make some of your own so you’re tasting a new drink every day!Special Tip: Drinking smoothies enable you to use potent weight loss tools that you can and should habitually consume.To make your stellar breakfast smoothies as conveniently as possible, check out these Top Five Best Blenders for Smoothies. You won’t have to sacrifice your blender’s quality for steep prices ever again!With an excellent smoothie blender, you’ll be invigorated to create them every day and in turn, you’ll be achieving your weight loss goals in no time. Always choose to invest in your health!



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