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Difference Between A Blender & A Smoothie Maker. Is There Any?

Difference Between A Blender & A Smoothie Maker. Is There Any

Can You Use A Smoothie Maker As A Blender?

Simply put, a blender can be used for a variety of things, whereas a smoothie maker is designed solely for making smoothies.

Though many people choose to make smoothies using a blender, it serves many other purposes. It can also pulverize, crush, puree and liquify other ingredients. This can be useful when cooking and preparing different dishes and sauces.

A smoothie maker on the other hand, is only made to chop fruit at high speeds with the intent of making a smoothie. Therefore they do not possess the same abilities as a blender and there are many things that you can do with a blender that you cannot do with a smoothie maker. 

Before you decide which one you want to buy, you need to know which one will work best for what you specifically need. Do they both make smoothies in the same way? What are the pros and cons of each?

Let’s examine these points together.

What is the best device for making smoothies?

Since smoothie makers are created for the sole purpose of making smoothies, it stands to reason that they are more effective at doing so. 

Unfortunately, however, if you do choose a smoothie maker, then you will usually have less capacity than a blender. Smoothie makers have smaller containers for smaller portions in comparison to the large jars and receptacles used with blenders.

It is also noteworthy that smoothie makers have fewer functionality options and are usually easier to clean, making them much more user-friendly than most blenders.

Therefore, if you are looking to make quick and easy smoothies for yourself on a regular basis, a smoothie maker is likely the simplest and most effective option. But if instead, you want to make smoothies for multiple people at the same time, a blender may offer you a larger capacity to enable you to do so effectively.

How do you choose a blender for making smoothies?

Since blenders are not designed specifically for smoothies, it is important you get one that will do everything you need it to. The best blender for making smoothies has high wattage, 3-10 speed options and enough space to hold the amount of servings you want.

Some blenders also come with special attachments. Review which ones are included to see if they match what you need. 

Checking The Blender Size

If you only want to make smoothies for 4 people, there is no need to buy a blender that has serving space for 14 people. It will result in you making far more than you need on a regular basis, and you will be spending more on the machine than you need to. 

On the flipside, don’t buy something too small either, because that will just mean more work for you. Think about how many people you are likely to make smoothies for on a regular basis and check the quantity capacity of the blender. 

Blending fruit to make smoothies properly requires a high wattage and high power. Generally, you want to look for something that is about 500 watts for adequate results. 


You can effectively make smoothies with blenders or smoothie makers. But most smoothie makers are generally smaller, easier to use and better at the single thing they are designed for.

Blenders on the other hand, despite making a decent smoothie, can also blend a variety of other food products. They also have more speed and functionality options and have a larger capacity.

Either option can be a good machine for you. But make sure you examine the settings, size, power and usability so you get the machine that would be best suited for your purposes.



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