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What Blender Is Good For Hot Liquids? Read Here!

What Blender Is Good For Hot Liquids? Read Here!

What Is The Best Hot Liquid Blender?

The best blender for soups, coffees and any other hot ingredients is without a doubt the Vitamix 5200. With reviews from gadget sites, Amazon buyers, juicing blogs and other experts, most people seem to agree that this is the machine to go for. 

Not only is it suitable and durable enough to contain hot liquids, but it can heat up its contents via friction alone. 

It does not have programmable options but part of the beauty of this blender is its utter simplicity. Using a high quality blender has never been simpler. 

Another thing that this blender is especially renowned for is its hardiness and long lifespan. Unlike some other options that are easy to break or simply give up after a while, the Vitamix 5200 is designed to last you a very, very long time.

If you find that the Vitamix is out of your price range, there are some earlier and less powerful models that are still very high quality.

Can you put hot liquids in a blender?

Despite some blenders being specifically designed for this purpose, putting hot liquid in a standard blender could be disastrous. You can damage the machine, burn yourself, have the lid explode, or even just create a horrible mess in your kitchen.

Though we previously mentioned one option that is suitable for hot liquids, what about all other blenders? If you buy a cheap blender from your local store, will it break or shatter from the heat?

The truth is that not all blenders are suitable for blending hot liquids. If you are unsure of your blender’s capabilities we recommend waiting for your ingredients to cool slightly before blending. 

Another alternative to a blender you are uncertain of, is an immersion blender. These are often used to puree soups and other hot ingredients. Though it should still be mentioned that even with this type of blender, you should start at the lowest speed possible to avoid splash damage.

If you do decide to attempt blending hot liquid in your blender then we recommend you follow our following guidelines.

Safety Tips For Blending Hot Liquids

Though we cannot guarantee your safety when blending hot liquids, these 4 suggestions should help.

  1. Do not fill your blender to the top. Doing so can lead to the lid flying off and burning liquid flying straight out towards you. It is better to do it in smaller batches.
  2. Remove the center portion of the lid where you add in the ingredients. The reason for this is to avoid steam build-up which can overheat the insides and force off the lid. In a low quality blender it could even shatter the container.
  3. Use a towel or other utensil to cover the lid and avoid any splatter that could escape the blender during the blending process.
  4. Start your blender off at the lowest possible velocity and increase it slowly as needed.

Is there a blender that cooks soup?

Good news! Not only can some blenders heat up your ingredients or blend hot ingredients but some can even cook your ingredients too.

So many recipes now call for cooking, then blending, then cooking again, which is a tedious process with a lot of transferring your food from one place to another. It also means that there will be a lot of items to wash at the end. 

Now you can use a single blender to cook and blend your food at the same time. A perfect use for this would be when making creamy and pureed soups.

To be able to do this however, you will need an extremely high powered machine since the heating process is caused by the friction of the blender. 

We already mentioned the Vitamix 5200 as an optimum specimen for blending hot liquids but it is also suitable to heat and cook your food too.

Some other popular brands for cooking soup are Cuisinart, Blendtec & Salton. 



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